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Bull Insurance

It’s grand-final weekend, that means bulls should be out for the Spring cow joining!

Unfortunately, we see so much heartache from broken down valuable bulls. In fact, the average working life of bulls in Southern Australia is only 2.5 years. Broken penis, fighting injuries and foot-borne lameness are the most common issues in our district.

Insuring new bulls for loss of use makes financial sense.

With policies generally between 12-15% of purchase price for loss of use, we feel a good general rule is for any bull purchased for more than 8-10K, is to insure them for at least the first year. Insure higher value bulls for at least 2 years.

Most insurers do not require further vet check for bulls insured within 30 days of stud purchase- so get on with it.

Here is a link to one good option:


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