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We deliver the complete range of rural mixed practice services through our custom built, licensed veterinary clinic and on-farm ambulatory service.

Our key services include:

Cattle Services

Pregnancy scanning including fetal ageing, plus ACV accredited tail tags as required.

Bull soundness and semen testing.

Herd health consultation & disease investigation.

Feedlot veterinary services.

Individual animal treatment.

JBAS accreditation.

Sheep Services

Herd health consultation & disease investigation.

Lamb marking pain relief & ram shearing sedation.

JD MAP & Brucco accreditation.

Individual animal treatment.

Equine Services

Powerfloat dental work.

Gelding & general surgery.

Reproductive scanning.

Individual animal treatment.

Freeze branding.

Small Animal Services

All aspects of general practice medicine, surgery & imaging.

While recognising our strength as a general practice, we also appreciate the healthy need for specialist referral as required. We are fortunate to be within close range of excellent small animal and equine referral options.

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