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Do you have questions on early weaning health prep?

As you know, early weaning is 80% nutrition and health follows. Target a stable consistent diet with 12 MJ ME/kg DM or better throughout and 16-18% CP to start, always with good quality, palatable roughage. 

To get you started, on health induction in calves:

  • 120kg is the ideal minimum for good performance, 80kg is the ABSOLUTE minimum but will be more difficult to execute uniform productive weaners

  • 5in1 or 7in1 booster (any brand)

  • Combination drench (Cydectin Platinum OR Dectomax V)

  • ADE injection if no green feed access is likely

  • Consider Coopers Piliguard pinkeye vaccination - high risk given season

  • Consider BRD vaccination (Coopers MH+IBR 2 dose program OR Zoetis Rhinoguard & MH-One 1 shot program) - moderate risk given season

  • Control flies as significant pinkeye risk (eg: Coopers Easy-dose backline or generic, fly traps)

  • Consistent feed access and management critical to health stability as well as performance

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way. The health of your stock and business is our priority. You may want to make time to discuss nutrition, health prevention and ongoing health management for early weaners or other stock classes.  

Cattle vets Jill Kelly and Scott Parry wrote a fantastic article on early weaning calves and lambs based on their learnings from the last drought:

Proactive local seedstock producers, Matt Cherry & Shelley Piper from Trio Angus practically summarised what they found effective and not, last dry:


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